Book List

Listed Below Are Betina Krahn Books Published in the United States...(most recent first)

Make Me Yours ... Nominated for RITA 2010

A Harlequin Christmas Carol
Manhunting ... Contemporary novella Valentine's Day 2010)
Make Me Yours
The Book of True Desires
The Book of the Seven Delights
The Enchantment
The Marriage Test
The Wife Test
The Husband Test
Not Quite Married
Sweet Talking Man
The Soft Touch
The Mermaid
The Unlikely Angel
The Perfect Mistress
The Last Bachelor
A Victorian Christmas
The Princess and the Barbarian
My Warrior's Heart
Haunting Love Stories
Behind Closed Doors
Caught in The Act
Midnight Magic(1)
Midnight Magic(2)
Luck Be A Lady
Love's Brazen Fire(1)
Love's Brazen Fire(2)
The Paradise Bargain
Avon's Christmas Romance
Passion's Ransom(1)
Passion's Ransom(2)
Just Say Yes
Passion's Treasure
Hidden Fires(1)
Hidden Fires(2)
Rebel Passion
Passion's Storm
Rapture's Ransom

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